Is Heraklion worth visiting?

Is Heraklion worth visiting?

Heraklion, the island’s capital was once home to an important Minoan civilization and has seen the likes of Venetians and the Byzantines. In Heraklion, most like to visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos. This museum and archeological site holds the remains of one of the most important Minoan civilizations on Crete.

Is Heraklion a good holiday destination?

Heraklion is not a typical holiday resort but rather a destination for day trips or city trips. If you leave the city to the west or east, however, you will find kilometre-long sandy beaches, all of which are excellently organised and offer not only lively sections but also quiet places to relax.

How many days do you need in Heraklion?

With three days in Heraklion (aka Iraklio), you can discover the area’s 4,000 years of history, savor the local cuisine, wander landscapes like the Samaria Gorge—and even visit another island.

Is Heraklion better than Chania?

Chania is famous around Crete and Greece for its incredible architecture. Though Heraklion has several impressive buildings, it pales in comparison to Chania. On the other hand, Heraklion is more authentic, for lack of a better word. Both have a lively local population, but Chania is more touristy.

Is Heraklion safe at night?

Heraklion is a safe and comfortable city to travel to. Use common sense, keep an eye on your belongings, and do not walk late at night near bars and restaurants.

Can you drink tap water in Heraklion?

Drinking water Not that it will kill you, but tap water in Heraklion is not considered drinkable. Locals buy bottled water for their house and you should follow their example!

Does Heraklion have a beach?

Heraklion has plenty of beaches to chose from and Agia Pelagia ranks among the most favorite ones. It has a beautiful pebbly beach with magnificent waters that can get quite popular over the summer months.

How much is a taxi from Heraklion airport to Chania?

You can take a taxi from the Heraklion airport to Chania. This is a drive of 140 km and may take around 2 hours. The taxi ride should cost no more than €200 Euro.

How to be a tourist in Heraklion, Crete?

Heraklion offers many fine hotels of all categories, bed and breakfast and rooms for rent, which are host to visitors all the year round, and most tourist, car and motorbike rental offices facilitate the visitor and give guidance in touring the beautiful island of Crete, its coasts and beautiful countryside… more…

What’s the history of the city of Heraklion?

History is very much alive in the old town of Heraklion, just like in most Greek cities. From the old Venetian Harbour, the August 25th Str., leads to the old town’s centre. The central square while surrounded by cafes, stores and restaurants, is dominated by the fountain of the Lions, built by Morozini the venetian governor in 1628.

What did the Minoans do in Heraklion Crete?

In ancient times, Heraklion was the port of Knossos, where the Minoans, Europe’s oldest known civilization (they lived on Crete between 2700 BC and 1450 BC) traded gold, ceramics, and saffron. Today, visiting the Minoan Palace of Knossos is one of the top things to do in Heraklion.

What to see and do in Crete Greece?

Things to see and do. The prefecture of Heraklion Greece is the most popular region of Crete island, one of the most popular Greek islands. Heraklion holidays offer a truly relaxing experience. The Town works as the main transportation hub and capital of the island and has many developed tourist places.