What triggers Ofsted inspection?

What triggers Ofsted inspection?

Called this after Section 8 of the Education Act 2005, a Section 8 inspection can be triggered for the following reason: For investigating concerns such as safeguarding, behaviour and/or other matters. For monitoring schools that have been rated ‘require improvement’ or ‘inadequate’

Can you ask for an Ofsted inspection?

You can request an Ofsted inspection outside of the normal inspection schedule. Find out how to and what you should consider before making the request. You’ll also find guidance for requesting one during COVID-19.

What is an Ofsted compliance notice?

When Ofsted issues compliance notices to children’s homes at inspection, Achieving Greater can assist in the development of the action plan. And can also help with: Supporting and checking the progress and completion of tasks required.

What are the 3 I’s in Ofsted?

Intent, Implementation, Impact
In this category are the three ‘I’s: Intent, Implementation, Impact.

How do you raise a concern with Ofsted?

To complain about a childcare provider, get in touch with us at [email protected] or 0300 123 4666. If you complain, we will review the information you provide and decide what to do. We may carry out an immediate inspection, ask the provider to take action or work with other agencies to look at any issues.

How do you raise a concern to Ofsted?

What happens if Ofsted refuses to register a manager?

A decision to refuse an application to become a registered manager of a children’s home disqualifies the applicant from carrying on, managing, having a financial interest in, or working in a children’s home unless Ofsted gives its written consent. A refusal also disqualifies the person from fostering a child privately.

What does Ofsted say about reading?

So, what do these Ofsted changes mean for phonics? In 2019, Ofsted made “how children are taught to read” a priority for inspections in schools. Under the new EIF, all “infant, junior, primary and lower-middle schools” will undergo a reading ‘deep dive. ‘ This is mandatory and includes phonics!

When do Ofsted inspections take place in schools?

Schools can use this guide to help them understand the inspection process, including timings, notice that we give, judgements that we make and what happens after the visit. Inspections can take place at any point from 5 school days after the first day pupils attend in the autumn term.

What to do when you get a notice from Ofsted?

Herts for Learning’s Early Years consultants are frequently asked what to do when you get the Ofsted call to notify you that an inspection will take place the next day. Half a day’s notice is not a long time, but enough time to panic if you are not fully prepared.

What should you tell Ofsted about an incident?

The Ofsted inspector should discuss incidents with you during your inspection to gain a shared understanding of the incident and what actions staff took to address the situation. This conversation should be wider than the process of notifying (or not notifying) Ofsted and should primarily focus on safeguarding practice and outcomes for children.

What happens if you make a complaint to Ofsted?

complaint made to Ofsted about the school under section 11A of the Act, HMI will inform the school of this, and that as a result of the wider issues raised by the complaint, a decision has been taken to inspect the school. HMI should explain that the inspection will focus on the wider issues raised by the complaint, not the complaint itself.