6 Dressing Rules That Make Men Look Stylish And Sophisticated!

6 Dressing Rules That Make Men Look Stylish And Sophisticated!

It’s not the $300 jeans or the designer flannel that gives men’s that added presence and style.  In fact, its about knowing who you are and what you want to convey through your style. It comes from understanding various aspects like attitude, dress and your grooming. Put the three of them together and you would have a picture of a classy gentleman.

Of course, there are not enough rules to dress well; what someone considers too pedestrian or avant-grade, look good on another. However, good advice should never to be sniffed at.

And since, menswear has become more experimental and aware; there are moments of confusion and self-doubt. If you are feeling the same, here are the golden rules to help you:

Invest  In Good Shoes:

Timelessness is about keeping things subtle and simple, and the same goes with shoes. Don’t make things look too loud and fussy. Instead, pick the sole and pattern that is sober and stylish. Go for boots, if you want something casual on the foot. you can wear them for business-casual meetings as well on your first date. Carry them with the khakis or denim and show a little class.

In addition, if you want something formal, loafers will do the job! Not only they compliment your office look but also go well with evening outings and dinners.  Go for the classy ones like five-eyelet, plain shoes, dark loafers, brogues.

Consider Your Lifestyle:

Always doubled up like a model isn’t possible, unless you are relaxing on your yacht or enjoying the lavishing parties on the beach. Well, it looks silly to walk into a well-tailored suit if your work demands such attire. So, consider your style and then pick your clothes.

If you are more into political works, a casual look like a basic long shirt or a simple Ronald Reagan Campaign T-Shirts with denim will look perfect.  For a formal look, go for a shirt, pants and a stand-out tie.

Pick A Perfect Watch:

A watch is the only accessory that can double up the playful and classiness in men, so choose it wisely. Functional, rugged, sports model or classy, go with anyone that take hard knocks of every day. Also, make sure it fits you perfectly and should make you feel comfortable. It’s the one accessory that gives you more polished and crisp look. Just be specific about the right size and depth that suits your wrist.

Minimal Accessories Are What You Need:

Things like pocket squares, ties and airplane cufflinks can bring individuality to the clothing, just make sure to use itcorrectly. Harmonise them with your outfit and juxtapose them perfectly. When it comes to making your combinations,  wear accessories in darker shades. If in doubt, aim for fewer things, after all, you just need one focal point to look dapper!

Invest Time In Selecting The Perfect Frames:

Right spectacles can enhance the overall look of your face, so invest some time and then select. After all, poor choice of glass and improper fit can ruin the overall look of the face. Also, consider your face shape and the top lines of the frame, as they have a relation with your frames and can affect your overall look. Also, there’s no point in buying cheap frames and being sold with the expensive lenses, as the frames will start looking shabby after some time.

Stick To Classics When It Comes To Selecting Shirts:

Sticks with middle lines, standoff collars and check shirts always make a timeless piece in the men’s closet. If you are more specific about your formal-office image,  don’t go for the bold styles and colors. You can pick colors that go perfectly with or without a tie. Just make sure they perfectly sit underneath the jacket.

Lastly, fashion is a part of pleasure clothing, which no other rule can break. Try new things, see if they suit you, see how it make you feel and you are good to go!