7 Most Trending Online Streaming Platforms – Review 2020

7 Most Trending Online Streaming Platforms – Review 2020

What is the best online streaming service in 2020? What is the best video content platform that you can use to watch your favorite shows? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you are at the right place. 

Movies & TV shows are the best way of spending your free time, and this content is offered to you by hundreds of online streaming services that are out there. You just need to find a decent streaming service that lets you watch your favorite content in the easiest way possible.

Here are 7 most trending online streaming platforms in 2020   

  • Netflix 

Every movies & TV show lover knows about this amazing streaming application. Netflix is a widely used video content streaming platform that has been around for quite some time now. It is a paid service that offers you HD quality content from the official sources. You can watch movies, TV shows as well as documentaries on this website. You’d need to register an account before using the streaming services of Netflix.  

  • Project Free TV

Project Free TV is a free movie and tv shows streaming service. It is one of the oldest video content streaming platforms out there and one of the very few ones that allow their users to watch HD content for free. This website doesn’t require you to register yourself. You just need to visit the website and the content streaming here is absolutely free. Project Free TV is blocked in some regions, but you can still use it with the help of a VPN service.   

  • Kisscartoon

If you are looking for the most trending kids shows streaming website, then you should visit Kisscartoon. This website has an extremely interactive UI as compared with most cartoons websites that are available out there. You can watch all your favorite cartoons as well as anime on this website. The best thing about this website is its user interface. You can easily find your favorite show by going through organized categories.      

  • Crunchyroll 

Crunchyroll is a paid cartoons and anime service that lets you stream your favorite shows in HD quality, straight out of the official sources. This website requires you to pay a small amount of subscriptions fees for using its services, but you get access of HD content which is quite amazing. If you are interested in getting access to the updates of your favorite cartoons and anime as they are released, then this is the website for you.      

  • Putlockers 

When it comes to the oldest streaming services out there, Putlockers takes the lead with its awesome streaming quality and interactive UI. And on top of that, it is totally free. You don’t have to create and account or pay any kind of subscription fee for using the services of this website. Although, some users have complaints about the excessive ads on the site but considering the benefits that it has to offer, this interruption seems like a minor issue.   

  • Hulu 

Hulu is a paid video content streaming service, like Netflix. Although there is a subscription fee that you have to pay for using the streaming services of this website, the streaming quality and the flexibility that this website offers, is remarkable. You can stream in your preferred quality depending on the speed of your internet. If you prefer watching content from official sources, you should check out this online streaming service.

  • Movie4U

Movie4U is also a free streaming service that lets you watch your favorite shows in HD quality, for free. Although most people are not aware of this streaming service, it is one of the best websites for watching your favorite movies and tv shows. There is no hassle required from user’s part, you don’t have to create an account or add any kind of personal information for using the streaming services of this website. It is a free service that offers you HD content, we definitely recommend checking this out. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to streaming content online for free, you need to stay updated with the trending streaming services because there is always a better option. Visit these websites right now for the best video content streaming experience of your life.