7 Reasons To Choose A Private Car Service Sunshine Coast.

7 Reasons To Choose A Private Car Service Sunshine Coast.

A private car service offers its customers quite a few things. There are some reasons why you should hire a private car service Sunshine coast like SkyDrive Transfers for your next trip.

Rider Safety

When you are headed out on vacation, you only want to think about having fun. You should not have to worry about car accidents or drivers. A private car service provides road safety far more than other services. Of course there are some vetting processes. But proper oversight can not be as thorough as a private car service. It is a side effect of their flexible business model. Road safety is not the only thing to think about. In the past four years, there has been a large number of alleged sexual assault cases involving cab drivers.

Well Vetted Drivers

Speaking of professional drivers, some companies rely on feedback from their customers to root out bad drivers. Means something scary had already happened before they know to fire the driver. Plus a driver can hand his phone and car to a friend and let him work for a while. This means the driver may not have gone through the vetting process at all. A private car service investigates its drivers before time, to work for a private car company one has to have a solid driving record and a clean criminal one also.


A driver who works on the side can not provide the same professionalism. Professional drivers are professionals for a reason. Private car service offers the utmost in professionalism. Taxi drivers do not put the customer first as they concern themselves with completing as many rides as possible. A private driver puts the customer first. Their focus is on providing a pleasant, safe transportation experience.

Customer Service

Private drivers put their customers first. Their main purpose is to offer a great experience for the customers that makes them dependable and friendly. They offer top quality service. Other services can’t guarantee that kind of service. They are far too disjointed.

Insurance Concerns

Insurance related to the companies is a bit hazy. The rules haven’t yet been well defined. Private car service insurance has been well defined for many years. You need not worry about insurance coverage in the rare case of an accident.

Arrival time guaranteed

Some services are always available. But it depends on the number of drivers that are active. It also depends on if one is close to you when you start a search for the ride. You can schedule transportation in advance with the private car service. A good company always has a car for you on time. Remember their goal is to give the best customer service, which includes being on time, every time.

Secure airport pick-up

A great example of requiring to be on time is for trips to the airport. A plane will not wait for you as you could not find a ride when you required one. It will take off regardless of if you are on board or not. A private car service will be there to pick you up and get you to the airport on time. The same is true when you land at the airport. After traveling for many hours you will not want to wait for a ride. Avoid all UKhassle and set up your pick up ahead of time with the private car service. The car will wait for you when you land. Many times the company tracks your flight in case you arrive early or late. All that is left is a stress-free ride to your destination.

By now you might have known that for dependability, professionalism, and safety a private car service is the way to go.

7 Reasons To Choose A Private Car Service Sunshine Coast.