Budget-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom

Budget-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom

Once you have received a wedding invitation, from the person, who has invited you to witness the vows that this future newlywed couple will promise, the next concern you will think is about what you could contribute to these couple’s new life to live. Of course, you do not want to miss the chance of seeing the most memorable day of your friend. Also, it felt so embarrassing to be in the reception without giving a gift of blessing for this couple.

It was said that the gift you will give to the newlywed couple should be represented with a meaning for the healthy and happy relationship or it should be helpful for them as they are going to build their own family. If you are having a tight budget yet you wanted to give a gift towards the bride and groom, do not be upset because there is a budget-friendly gift that suits the budget of everyone. Just choose on which among the following fits the taste of the partners.

1. Prestigious Drink

Since these people are newly joiners of marriage, give them a moment to celebrate by themselves. The Dom Perignon wines will provide them with a feeling of a successful start of their life. A wine drink represents a celebration for both of them. It symbolizes that within the duration of their relationship, it will be filled with so much happiness and gladness.

Even if you choose this, it will not be embarrassing to present to the couple because it is not unpleasant to see. Aside from the physical appearance of the bottle which look so classy, its tastes are soothing and friendly within anyone’s throat. That means that it’s suitable for a gift for this beautiful occasion.

2. Twin Hard luggage

Even if you do not know the plans of the couple after their wedding, anticipate that a suitcase is helpful towards them. It is because it is part of the couple’s journey to go on an adventure and or take an out-of-town honeymoon after wedding whether right after or after a day or two. If in terms of the size of the luggage, do not buy the biggest. Just the medium or small size which are identical or one medium and one small, so that it could fit towards the both of them.

Regarding the details of the luggage you will buy, it only matters to what could be the available color or what is the favorite color of the couple. Just as long as what you will consider is the durability and the cost you will be spending.

3. Embroidered bathrobes

Of course, having hygiene is part of the life of the newlywed couple still. You cannot omit even the actual and routinary activity which anyone does, which is taking a bath. So for them to look a cute couple whenever they go out to a beach or just even within their home, give them identical bath gowns. Within the dresses, personalized it with an embroidered title or name for the both of them just like Mr. Smith – Mrs. Smith or The Wife – The Husband, or the likes. By that, it will make it more sweet for both of them.


Just buy a bath gown then make it personalized. Make sure that the bathing gown is smooth and comfortable to use whether satin or cotton type. Choose the most appropriate color that suits both of them. The size should be suitable for their bodies too.

4. Kitchenwares

In this type of gift, it is already cliche but still deemed to be very helpful in establishing the couple’s house. There are many kitchenwares that you could consider as a gift. It could be a set of plates and spoon and fork, casserole, teapot, thermos, set of glass, set of wine glasses, and the likes. Due to its variety, you could choose which among all of these is the best item you think you wanted to give.

The item you will choose should be durable so that it will stay longer for the couple’s life. It does not need to be expensive. But it needs to be permanent. Do not buy kitchenware that has thin composition because it might not stay for good to both of them.

5. Food recipe guide

Expect that since they are newlyweds, they have a higher chance of exploring new things together. They are still excited to do things together especially during preparation of food whenever they have time. Upon discovering new things together, the food recipe guide will help them especially in achieving a food taste that they wanted to share.

The guide you will give might be an inclusion of dessert and viand recipes or an individual set of each type of food preparation. This type of gift is not suitable only for the bride most because people nowadays tend to prepare something to share to get a little bonding even within a short span of the day.


Choosing a gift for a wedding is quite not easy. The abovementioned ideas are foreseen already to be one of the most useful and meaningful things that couples need to have. Within these ideas given, choose which among these fit your budget and the couple’s needs soon.