How do you quote a podcast in an essay?

How do you quote a podcast in an essay?

Last name, First name of the individual who posted the content OR the name of the company who posted it OR the username. Title of the podcast episode. Title of the Podcast, Name of the Publisher/Where you listened to it (only include if it is different than the author or title), Date it was posted, URL.

How do you write a podcast description?

Why should people listen to your show?Your show description. This is the blurb that explains what your show, as a whole, is about. Your episode description. Use questions. Don’t forget to get tone into your writing. Make use of keywords. Share your episode highlights.

How do you write a podcast treatment?

So, check out our best tips for writing a podcast script below.Write Your Script for Speaking. Write your script for how you speak to keep your scripts natural-sounding. Paint Pictures with Your Words. Keep It Concise. Give Yourself Flexibility. Make It Your Own. Podcast Script Template:

Do I italicize a podcast?

Although grammatical texts haven’t caught up with modern technologies like blogs and podcasts and don’t specifically mention these as far as italics, it would probably be safe to use italics to refer to them. Alternatively, though, you could probably also use quotation marks to refer to a blog or podcast name.

How do you cite a podcast?

Works Cited list: Last name, First name of the creator. “Title of podcast.” Title of the website, role of contributors and their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date, URL.

Are event titles italicized?

In trying to determine how to format event titles, the closest comparison I found in CMOS was titles of exhibitions, which should be italicized (our events are more like museum exhibitions than world’s fairs). If some events are lectures (8.87), you can put quotation marks around their titles.