How to Use WhatsApp without Mobile/Phone Number (without sim card)

How to Use WhatsApp without Mobile/Phone Number (without sim card)

How to Use WhatsApp without Mobile/Phone Number: Hello friends, this is Goa premium and in this post. I will tell you about some of the WhatsApp tricks we already know some of the tricks like the end to end encryption and many other and in this post. I will tell you some more tips and tricks of WhatsApp.

Before going to say about the skills we go for WhatsApp messenger we already know that WhatsApp is a leading messaging platform. Using all over the world all be a fan of WhatsApp. Because of the features of WhatsApp, and it is popular because of it features like voice calling video calling voice messages and media sharing is quite easy compared to other apps because of this it is popular with many of the users,

We already know that it’s a popular app all over the world because of user-friendly, phone we download the apps storiPhoneusers and play store for android users. Then we install the app, and a pop-up window obtained that enter number and then follow the steps, and we usually use what’s app for normal users here we can use WhatsApp.

Here in this post, i will give you trick that we can use the whatsapp without any number. You are shocked right yes, its true I think that its not valid consideration got that working here i performed some of the tricks for whatsapp like this, here we can use whatsapp with out any sim (or) phone number. Be very happy that you also can use this trick i am very happy that in have also the possibility of using this method.

yes this trick is for all os platforms like nokia ,samsung ,iphone, black berry ,iphone, tablet and even for windows phone. So, I have come up with the  solution for your problems. here the  i provide the steps to use this trick so please be carefull will using the first time

Methods to Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number | without sim card

If your device may (or) may not have a sim card option don’t worry about the usage of the whatsapp, firsly we need the good internet connection after many trails i got two methods to use whatsapp without any number here we provide the series of steps to be followed

1-Method : WhatsApp without Mobile Number(or) sim card

Just follow the  steps provided by me to free download and install WhatsApp without any  phone number

Step 1 – If you are  using the whats app in your device please delete your account before that you need to take a backup the files you needed (or) if you dont have a whatsapp account  you need to install the whatsapp on your device  .if u have any touble in downloading in provide a link to download whatsapp by the link followed below

Download WhatsApp Messenger

Step 2 – After installing the whatsapp then open the installed whatsapp and it shows a window that enter the moble number  then enter the fake number before you enter change the setting in your device to fight mode other wise the step will not work.

Step 3 – Ater that enter the number since it is in fight mode it cant access to your sim  cards it definetly go for an alternate way and you choose the sms verification and if asked enter your email id (or)if not leave it.

step 4 – After installing please submit your email id  and cancel immediately if not you should again do the same process be carefull at the time to submit it should in with in a second .

Step 5 – It is a crucial time you should take decision quickly cancel the submission

Step 6 – Now, it’s time to install fake message app on your device to use WhatsApp without a phone or mobile number.


Step 7 –  Depending on the device you used these are follows

  • For android users you can go by using a Spoof Text Message.
  • for iphone you can go for Fake A Message

finally i think that the post is useful to  you thanks for being patience