Is East Point Atlanta safe?

Is East Point Atlanta safe?

Be safe out there – no matter where you are! East Point. This city is at the top of our list because it has a very high property crime rate of 11.6% (3rd highest in the state) and is ranked #2 as the most violent in the state.

Is Atlanta safe in 2021?

After historically deadly 2020, Atlanta homicides are up nearly 60% in 2021.

Is East Point Atlanta a good place to live?

East Point is a nice suburban city surrounded by great stores, restaurants, and activities. I have lived here for about 7 months and have had no issues concerning my safety. I strongly recommend the city of East Point for its family-friendly community and extremely fun nightlife.

What’s the latest news in Atlanta?

Atlanta breaking news headlines

  • Man earns federal prison time for string of armed robberies in North Georgia.
  • Atlanta’s 2021 homicide victims.
  • Police ID man killed in Vine City shooting.
  • Alpharetta private school employee arrested on multiple child porn charges.

What city in Georgia has the lowest crime rate?

The small city of Holly Springs in Cherokee County earns the title of Georgia’s safest. Holly Springs violent crime rate of 1.03 per 1K and property crime rate of 12.36 per 1K are considerably below both national and state averages. Peachtree City earns Georgia’s #2 spot.

Is Katie Beasley leaving fox5?

AFTER nearly ten years as a host, Katie Beasley announced she was leaving Good Day Atlanta. Her last day at Fox 5 will be June 5, 2021.

Where is Sharon Lawson from?

Toronto, Canada
Born to Jamaican parents in Toronto, Canada, Sharon and her family moved to Florida in the mid-1980s. Lawson’s path to broadcast journalism started at age 5 when her mother – and biggest supporter – spied her practicing intros and outros with a hairbrush and a mirror (“This is Sharon Lawson with the 6 o’clock news.”).