Use Brilliant Instagram Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Web Design Business

Use Brilliant Instagram Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Web Design Business

When you are starting your web design company, you simply cannot undermine the pivotal role of Instagram in boosting your business and enhancing your overall social media presence. You need to remember that Instagram is very much the king of all social media engagement endeavors. It is the one social media platform that completely outmatched the others and strode towards success.

Statistics Demonstrating Instagram’s Phenomenal Success

Instagram boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users in 2018. Instagram pictures get 23 percent more engagement, on an average, as compared to the pictures on Facebook. Instagram enjoys almost 500 million daily active users. We know that 70 percent of the users are searching for a brand on this popular social media platform. Moreover, the like button on Instagram seems to be clicked 4.2 billion times on an average every day as per These impressive statistics clearly make Instagram stand out as the go-to-platform for promoting your web design company and building brand awareness.

Use Brilliant Instagram Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Web Design Business

Here are certain Instagram marketing tips which would take your web design company to new heights of glory and unbridled success. Instagram is currently regarded as the social media world’s star child as per Instagram is marked by phenomenal success and it is becoming increasingly popular. The introduction of Instagram Stories has contributed to a boost in this popularity of Instagram. With the latest amazing feature IGTV, Instagram is expected to soar to new heights.

Know Your Expectations Clearly

Instagram could assist you in building brand awareness, converting followers, boosting brand loyalty, and creating a better brand image. You could successfully target multiple audiences on this platform. While setting up your web design business’s account on Instagram like bot for Business, you must consider your goals and objectives. You must have a clear idea about how your actions could help you in achieving those goals and objectives.

You must discuss with your team about the precise end goal that could make your web design company’s account successful. Moreover, you must have a clear idea about the target audience you desire to engage with. Having clear expectations is the way to go as you initiate the process of generating content style and executing your overall brand growth.

Define Brand Aesthetic & Story

You must understand that Instagram is chiefly a visual platform and provides a spectacular experience almost the same as watching television. Your web design company’s account must have an impressive and homogeneous content and it must aim to tell your brand’s story. The aesthetic and the precise storyline must actually be defined clearly by your aims, aspirations, and expectations. You must have precise answers to questions such as what does my web design company stand for? What impression does the company wish to create on the minds of its real Instagram followers?

Try to Align Your Audience with Content

The first strict rule of creating a brand image on Instagram is that you must try to be a content creator and not just a promotional brand. People actually wish to follow all those accounts that offer fascinating and unique content not merely a string of advertisements for a particular product or service. Once you have your profile ready, it is your responsibility to determine ways so that your content complements the audience’s desires.


When you are introducing your web design business on Instagram, it could be pretty challenging to start on your right foot. You must follow all the tips discussed so far for effectively connecting with your customers and helping your web design company to thrive on Instagram and drive more traffic to your website.