What Should You Know Before Hiring an Escort Interpreter?

What Should You Know Before Hiring an Escort Interpreter?

With summer now upon us, most people are likely to travel to different countries and experience a new culture and language they probably may not understand. Coming across a new culture as well as a language you don’t understand can be really frustrating, and therefore you may require the services of an escort interpreter to try and bridge the language barrier as well as the cultural differences. Escort interpreting involves interpreting or orally translating a foreign language into the client’s language and also translating everything a client communicates into the local language

In most cases, an escort interpreter functions almost like a personal assistant and accompanies their clients wherever they visit be it a business meeting, interview, sightseeing tour as well as other undertakings. An escort interpreter is responsible for the wellbeing of the client during their stay in the country and therefore orders food for his clients as well as undertake business transactions on his behalf. With such a significant role, it is imperative to hire a perfect escort interpreter who can convey your message the way you wanted it to sound or means. There are several things you should know in an escort interpreter before hiring them as discussed below.

Language Expertise

When looking to choose an escort interpreter, it is crucial to choose someone who has an in-depth understanding of the local language. An escort interpreter should be aware of common slang, local idioms as well as the dialects of the local language to avoid costly translation mistakes. They should also be fluent in both languages, but being just bilingual doesn’t make them good translators. The additional training is requiered, so it’s betted to ask for a certificate and/or recommendations.

Speech versus writing

This is equally important, especially in business trips where you would want your interpreter to scribble down something a point during the meat or read you a particular set of instructions. An interpreter’s level of speech should just be as equal to the written side of the language for desirable outcomes.

Cultural Proficiency

As earlier stated, an escort interpreter functions as your guide not only in matters language but also the culture. Differences in culture mean that you may do something deemed wrong or abusive according to a country’s culture without really knowing. You, therefore, should choose an interpreter who understands both your culture as well as the local culture. An ideal escort interpreter should be able to interpret different cultures seamlessly without any confusion or lack of understanding. An escort interpreter who is well vast in the two cultures will save you the awkwardness that usually comes with cultural confusion.

Industry Understanding

Different industries have technical terms which are used to describe certain processes or occurrences. When choosing an escort interpreter, you would want to choose someone knowledgeable in a particular industry or sector you are also in. You may also choose to train your interpreter to be aware of the goals you are targeting as well as the agenda of the meetings you may be attending in the course of your business trip.

Location Expertise

It is vital to choose an interpreter who understands the dialects of a particular region since every country has regions with very different dialects making it easier for misunderstandings to occur due to misinterpretations. Additionally, a good interpreter should have an understanding of the country you are visiting to be able to guide you to your hotel from the airport and also recommend the best places to eat or visit.


Since you will spend a lot of time with your escort interpreter, you would want to choose someone friendly, easy-going, trustworthy, and personable. You would also want to choose someone who maintains the highest level of professionalism through the entire phase of the interaction. Since you are going to be in close contact with your interpreter, it’s best that you choose someone you have a sense of chemistry with.


Globalization has made it necessary to hire escort interpreters for diverse needs, including business trips, academic conferences, tourism, among other activities that involve traveling to a new country with different culture and/or language. An escort interpreter can bridge the gap of language barrier and cultural difference and enable you to get along smoothly during your period of stay in a foreign country. It is crucial to choose an escort interpreter with extensive knowledge of both languages, culture as well as industry to make your international trip a success.