5 Self-Maintenance Tips For Your Bike During The Covid 19

5 Self-Maintenance Tips For Your Bike During The Covid 19

We all know that all countries are under Lockdown due to COVID 19, most of the businesses have been shut down and people are scared for their lives. But taking care of our family safety, we have to think about our bike also. So, have a look at some of the awesome tips for your bike During the Covid 19.

#Right Weather

The fifth tip for the Covid 19 is to not take your bike off of the pavement on rainy days. The rain and wet conditions are just too harsh on a motorbike. On the other hand, on a sunny day when you ride with friends or other riders you will find that the roads are dry. So this fifth tip for the Covid 19 is not so much about the weather as it is about how to make sure that you are prepared when riding in wet conditions.

Another tip for the Covid 19 is to remember that wet roads are not very pleasant for your senses so if you have any doubts at all then don’t take your bike off the road. The last thing you want to do is take your bike out in muddy water to go for a ride. However, you should be able to ride without wet clothes if your road is dry.

#Find The Right Amount Of Oil

Perhaps the most important tip for the Covid 19 is to ensure that you keep an eye on the bike engine oil. This is particularly important if you do use the car, especially if you go on long rides. To check the level of oil on your bike, you can do so by unscrewing the filler cap. To get the oil level to your preferred level you should then replace the cap and shake the bottle to mix the oil with the air in the bottle. Do this several times until you find the right amount of engine oils for bikes.

Another important tip for the Covid 19 is to check the carburetor on your bike. If you feel that the level of carburettor fluid is low then replace the cap before starting your ride. This will help you to find the correct level of fluid which means that you will find your ride more comfortable as well.

If you do experience problems with the fuel and the coolant then you may need to change the coolant. To do this you can open the fuel cap and fill the tank with coolant then add the needed amount of fuel into the tank. It is also advisable to remove the radiator cap and fill the radiator with coolant before starting your ride.

#Clean Your Bike Regularly

The final tip for the Covid 19 is to ensure that you keep your chain clean. The chain can easily be scratched or chipped when you are riding and this is another reason why you need to ensure that you keep it tidy when you’re out riding. It is also a good idea to change your chains at least once every three weeks, depending on how often you ride.

The carburetor on your bike will need to be checked regularly. For the carburettor check your chain should be checked regularly to ensure that it is not too tight, and that it is not dragging. If you notice any of these symptoms then get the chains checked out by a professional. If you notice that your chainsaw is slowing down then you should switch your chain to another chain.

#Fuel Your Bike Full

The last tip for the Covid 19 is to ensure that you remember to have a full tank of fuel when you are driving your bike. If you only have a half tank of fuel then you may not be able to get the miles you want to get on your bike.

In order to get the best fuel out of your carburetor you need to keep it clean and free from dirt and oil. You should also ensure that you never run your engine without the correct fuel. Always remember to take your fuel filter with you when you go shopping and ensure that you fill up your tank full with engine oil for honda activa.

#Change The Tyre

The final tip for the Covid 19 is to ensure that you remember to change your Tyre at least once a year. This will ensure that your bike is running properly all year round.


These are just some of the 5 self-maintenance tips for your bike during the movie 19. They are essential for ensuring that you are always confident that your bike is running correctly and that you keep your bike in top condition. If you follow these tips then you will find that you enjoy your ride even more.