How a Home Office Helps You Be More Productive When Working from Home

How a Home Office Helps You Be More Productive When Working from Home

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the rate of remote working in the U.S. today. The productivity benefits of remote working have been highlighted for years, but the pandemic has given many businesses the push they need to try it out. And many businesses and workers are quickly discovering how beneficial working from a home office can be.

Studies vary on exactly how much of a productivity gain workers get from operating in a home office. One study reveals the productivity increase could amount to three additional work weeks every year.

So, despite being within easy reach of a TV and a comfortable bed, why are home offices so effective at helping people to be more productive when working from home?

Minimizes Distractions

It goes without saying that most workers are totally disengaged from their jobs. Some estimate state that 85% of employees are actively disengaged or not engaged at work. In other words, they are clock watching and just trying to pass the time until they can go home.

This is bad for employees and their bosses. Yet businesses insist on forcing people into places they hate all for the sake of that almighty paycheck.

Letting employees work from home can all but eliminate these issues. Home offices minimize distractions because workers are in a place they feel comfortable and they’re not surrounded by coworkers and pointless meetings.

The more comfortable people feel the less likely they are to become distracted.

Saves Time and Money

Everyone knows how much of the day commuting takes up. A home office removes the need to commute anywhere for the majority of office workers. The minute the workday starts, everyone is already at their desk and ready to go.

This adds up to an enormous amount of time saved every year, which translates to a more profitable business and a happier boss.

Creates the Workplace You Want

The big benefit of a home office is the opportunity to create a workplace you want. No matter how you prefer to work, you can accommodate that at home.

Not every worker wants to work from a cubicle. Likewise, not every employee loves the open office plans corporations like to favor these days.

Purchase home office supplies from a company like Southwest Business Products and you’ll have the chance to create a workspace you’re comfortable and productive in.

Work When You Want

Most remote working arrangements are flexible, thus allowing employees to take breaks when they like. Some companies will even allow remote workers to complete projects whenever they like, as long as they meet the deadlines.

Of course, it depends on the company, but working from a remote home office enables employees to work a schedule that better accommodates their needs.


Home offices still create the right atmosphere for a productive working day without the distractions of simply sitting on the sofa.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to build your own home office. If you have the space, you can pick up lots of affordable, quality office supplies by shopping online. You are in full control and you can craft the workspace that provides you with maximum productivity.

What are you doing to ensure your home office is built for productivity?