How much is a Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbie worth?

How much is a Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbie worth?

Happy Holidays Barbie This Special Edition doll typically is valued between $550 and $750, but this one signed by the Ruth Handler, the inventor of the Barbie doll, is going for $3,000 on eBay.

What is the misprint on the 1997 Holiday Barbie?

Vintage mattel 1997 Happy Holidays barbie doll. This doll was a factor mistake that ended up with a blue eyed barbie on the box with a green eyed barbie inside. Mattel recalled the barbie before it could get to many stores. This is a one that was bought before the recall.

Are old Holiday Barbies worth anything?

The most valuable holiday Barbies are from the years 1988-1992. Dolls that are NIB (new in box) from those years sell for between $40-$200. A set of NRFB (never removed from box) dolls from 1988 to 1998 can sell for around $1,000. Holiday Barbies ranging from 1995 to today are not worth as much money as older editions.

When did the Happy Holidays Barbie dolls come out?

Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbie Doll. Lot Of 4. 1993 1997 2019 2020 Holidays Special Edition 1997 Very Rare Barbie Doll With ERROR/MISTAKE…

What was the value of a 1997 Barbie?

Type Gown Value 1996 Holiday Barbie Burgundy White $45 – $55 1997 Holiday Barbie Royal Red White Gold $40 – $50 1998 Holiday Barbie Black Pink $35 – $40 1999 Holiday Barbie Navy White $35 – $40

What’s the value of a 1988 Holiday Barbie?

To provide an example, a 1988 holiday barbie doll in NRFM (Never Removed from Box) condition, can have a value as much as $750. Holiday Barbies manufactured from 1995 to present continue to be highly collectible but normally have a considerably lower value, approximately $40 to $60.

When was the first collectible Barbie doll made?

The 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie is recognized as the first “Collectible Barbie,” even though it was not initially intended that way. The dolls quickly sold-out and almost instantly started to command big prices on the secondary market.